Debt Negotiators in Australia can solve debt problems with effective Debt Solutions

If you want to enter into a Part IX Debt Agreement in Australia, you have come to the right place. We at Debt Negotiators offer unbiased consultations and recommendations for your debt situation. Part IX is a legally binding agreement between you and your creditors, where creditors agree to accept a sum of money over an extended period of time or in a lump sum payment. Once accepted, Interest on unsecured debts is frozen you will be legally protected from your creditors against recovery and collection action. This commonly used as an alternate to filing for bankruptcy and may assist you in dealing with your un-manageable debts. You can count on our service to make a Part 9 Debt Agreement as simple as possible for people all around Australia. We offer a free initial consultation and communicate with your creditors so that the process is quick and efficient to give you relief sooner.

To be eligible to enter into a debt agreement you are required to meet the following:

  • Your debts must be below the prescribed limit.
  • Your assets value must be below the prescribed limit.
  • Your income must be below the prescribed limit.

For more information on the Debt Agreement option and its prescribed limits please visit the following government website or contact Debt Negotiators on 1300 351 008.

Proposing a Debt Agreement may have benefits and consequence. These include:


  • Once accepted you will not have to pay any interest on you unsecured debts.
  • Your Debt Agreement is structured based on what you can afford by consolidating all your repayments.
  • Once you complete your obligations you will be debt free from your unsecured debts.
  • You have legal protection from your creditors once your debt agreement is accepted.


  • Your credit file will be affected for a minimum term of 5 years or until the Debt Agreement is complete after 5 years.
  • Your name will be listed in on the Personal Insolvency Index (NPII) permanently.
  • You will need to stick to a budget and make regular payments towards your debt agreement.
  • By proposing a Debt Agreement creditors can choose not to accept your proposal.

A debt agreement provides an alternative method to claiming personal insolvency agreement, further offering practical solutions to any financial turmoil. While a Part X and IX Agreement share similar qualities, there are distinct differences. Also known as ‘Personal Insolvency Agreement’ or PIA, the requirements for qualifying for a Part X Agreement is less stringent than the former. The proposal for PIA requires a meeting between creditors and debtors including an appointed trustee. Acceptance of a PIA requires 70 percent of creditors to agree by way of special resolution. For more information on this, login to

Debt Negotiators recommends that you consider all options before considering a Part IX Debt Agreement or a Personally Insolvency Agreement (PIA). Debt Negotiators recommends that you seek independent advice from a Financial Counsellor. This is usually a free service and an available in most locations. For more information on this service please visit the following website